6 Things To Do After A Car Wreck

Written by Greg on October 18, 2013

The police are coming, people are exchanging information and dealing with injuries, but you may not know what you really need to do. Dealing with an injury accident or an insurance claim can be a messy business.

Even for the innocent driver in an accident, there are certain steps that you should do to protect yourself.

6 Steps to Protect Yourself in an Accident

1. Make Sure Everyone is Okay – the first step is always to make sure that those who have need of medical attention will be getting it. Make sure your passengers and any other involved party are okay.

2. Get Witnesses names and phone numbers and any relevant information that they may have. It is important to write down their names and phone numbers or better yet have them write it down for you.

3. Get Medical Treatment that you require. It is important that you not only document your injuries but that you follow up with the doctor’s recommendations for your care. Many people believe there fine after a car wreck only finding out the next day that they are injured much worse than they thought. Don’t try to tough it out if you’re injured.

4. Take photographs with your cell phone of the resting positions of the vehicles before they are moved. Additional photographs of skid marks or other relevant evidence should be obtained if possible. However, never in danger yourself with other traffic in attempting to get photographs.

5. Be careful of who you talk to – you may get a telephone call from the other person’s insurance company wanted to take a statement from you and in most cases giving that statement can be a mistake.

6. If you are seriously injured – you probably need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you. The more serious your injury and the higher your medical bills the more likely it is it you will need a lawyer.

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