5 Bad Driving Habits to Correct

Written by Greg on April 21, 2016



The older the driver, more likely he or she is set in their ways as far as driving habits go. Many of us, come from a rural background where traffic really wasn’t an issue. However, in Houston, Dallas, Austin and even San Antonio. Not to mention the major highways serving the state of Texas, traffic is an issue and following these simple safe driving tips may help you avoid a crash.


Be a safer driver by:




The purpose of the signal is to let the other drivers around you know what you’re going to do so they may act accordingly. In olden times, drivers use their hands to tell other drivers exactly what they were going to do. Today, LED lights and on that task. Whether you are just changing lanes or going to make it turn, letting the other motorist know your intentions will reduce your chances of an unnecessary automobile accident. Once you get into the habit of signaling every time it becomes automatic and much easier. Try to signal at least 5 to 6 car links in advance of your move.




Although it’s human nature, slowing down to look at work going on on the side of the road or an accident is extremely dangerous. This slows down traffic or stops traffic and is a leading cause serious multi-vehicle crashes on highways.




I am as guilty as the next person in engaging in “California stops”. In other words, rolling through a stop sign instead of coming to a complete stop. This is a bad practice and can easily be avoided simply by coming to a complete stop for proceeding. Not only will this reduce your chances of getting into an unforeseen accident, but you will receive less traffic citations in addition.




Driving the speed limit does several things, it allows you to proceed at a speed that has been determined to be safe under good conditions. It allows you to travel at the same or similar speed to traffic around you and by doing so your odds of being in an accident decreased significantly. not only are speeding traffic tickets expensive but they are unnecessary. If you’re worried about arriving on time leave a few minutes earlier. Delays are part of the Houston lifestyle and trying to make up lost time by driving over the speed limit is not a good idea. Better to arrive safe than not to arrive at all.




Put your phone down, put the phone on silent and disregarded until you arrive at your destination if you are driving. The slogan “it can wait” is true. One of the leading causes of unnecessary car accidents is the incidence of a driver taking their eyes off the road to text or read their phone. Studies have shown that glancing at your phone can increase the odds of you getting into an unnecessary car wreck by 10 times.  Distracted driving is the largest automobile accident safety consideration in this decade.



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