February 23rd, 2015

Can Uber Reduce DWI Accidents?

GregFebruary 23, 2015

Drunk driving can be a very complex issue in which its existence creates the potential for car accidents and legal ramifications, sometimes injuries and death. In addition, there are continued Read More

Texas Seatbelt Laws

GregFebruary 18, 2015

  As many drivers understand, wearing a seatbelt is also vital to ensuring safety while on the roadway. However, while this is generally common practice, individuals should also consider what Read More

Black Ice Car Accidents

GregFebruary 16, 2015

There is little doubt when the weather gets colder; more traffic accidents are likely to occur. This can be attributed to the inclement weather conditions, such as sleet and snow, Read More

Motorcycle Crash Facts

GregFebruary 3, 2015

For many individuals, the motorcycle represents a vehicle that embodies freedom and perseverance; however it is equally one that can be dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Read More

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