May 30th, 2014

Texas and Texting While Driving

gregMay 30, 2014

Despite recent efforts to pass a state wide law banning texting while driving, Texas continues to struggle with the aftermath of distracted driving accidents. Recently, Texas Gov. Rick Perry refused Read More

Alcohol and Boating Accidents

gregMay 27, 2014

With the summer here, spending time on the water with family and friends can be a wonderful day. There’s an old saying that every day on the water increases your Read More

Pain Management – the Controversy

gregMay 26, 2014

Being able to properly manage pain is something that is a very important part of many accident victims’ recovery. Treatment for pain in the United States has been estimated to Read More

IPad at Trial a Review of TrialPad

gregMay 22, 2014

The old saying that “a picture is worth 1000 words” certainly applies at trial. For that reason, demonstrative evidence presentation as well as effective use of trial exhibits and video Read More

Avoiding Headlight Glare

gregMay 22, 2014

  Texas has hundreds of thousands of miles of two lane highways. Headlight glare can be a major problem on highways that are not divided by median. Danger of Bright Read More

Sun Safety Tips

gregMay 21, 2014

In Houston, summers can be brutally hot and sun safety procedures need to be implemented to protect your family. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using a sunscreen with an SPF Read More

The Importance of Tire Tread Depth

gregMay 15, 2014

Proper tire care is very important in your overall safety while driving. There are a few areas of concern for proper care of your tire this article addresses the need Read More

Don’t let LOL become DOA!

gregMay 5, 2014

 The dangers of texting while driving cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, many do not change their habits until after an accident or a very close call. According to the National Highway Read More

Teenage Speeding Drivers

gregMay 2, 2014

Experts have determined that speeding is a major contributor to teenage fatal car crashes. Of concern, is the rising number of fatal crashes involving teenage drivers over the last 10 Read More