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Monthly Archives: August 2013

calendar icon28August
The Real Consequences of Drinking and Driving

There are many organizations that go to schools across the Houston area and show teenage children the real consequences of alcohol and driving. Showing new drivers the aftermath of an …

calendar icon26August
Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

Recent news reports are full of stories of young teenagers being damaged forevermore by synthetic marijuana or weed. Numerous reports of psychotic episodes after teenage children smoke synthetic marijuana, show …

calendar icon20August
Rebates From Insurance Companies- Texas Insurance Mandate

Recently in the news has been much discussion about rebates coming to consumers in Texas because of the Affordable Care Act provisions which require an insurance company to spend a …

calendar icon07August
Apps for Emergencies

Someone said “there’s an app for everything” and they weren’t far from off. Now law firms have their own iPhone and Google apps and there are many other apps for …

calendar icon05August
Houston Lawyer Referral Service

Almost every day we get telephone calls from people seeking an attorney in practice areas that we do not handle as we only take personal injury claims.  In some cases, …

calendar icon03August
Technology for Trial Lawyers

There’s an old saying, “you can build a house with a nail gun or a hammer”, and the same is true for the practice of law. It was not long …