March 31st, 2013

The Case For Trial Lawyers

GregMarch 24, 2013

Recently, at least in the last 10 years or so trial lawyers have been somewhat vilified in the state of Texas, and actually across the country. It is unfortunate that Read More

The Importance of Civil Remedies

GregMarch 23, 2013

Recently in the news, many political leaders have taken positions that they support such things as women’s rights or other causes, only to then vote to deny them a remedy. Read More

DUI Accidents in Houston

GregMarch 17, 2013

Unfortunately, the number of serious injury and fatal DUI accidents in the greater Houston area have been reaching epidemic numbers. Despite the implementation of an aggressive no refusal policy by Read More

Ambien Can Be Like Drunk Driving

GregMarch 15, 2013

Recently the manufacture of the popular sleep aid Ambien issued an advisory to doctors seeking to reduce the milligrams of prescriptions for some users. Manufacturers of the medication which includes Read More

Spring Break – Dont Drink And Drive

GregMarch 10, 2013

The Houston area will fund additional time for the “no refusal” to combat drunk driving accidents in the Houston area.  In periods of holidays the drunk driving arrest rate rises Read More

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