December 31st, 2012

Another Fatal Hit and Run in Houston

gregDecember 31, 2012

Early this morning there was a fatal car accident on US 290 very close to the Jones Road intersection, in northwest Harris County. According to reports, a red Corvette crashed Read More

Motorcycle Helmets and Safety

gregDecember 29, 2012

Need a reason to wear a motorcycle helmet? Try any of the following: *Protection. Helmets are the only thing ‘standing between you and anything else in a collision’. They protect Read More

Explosion Accidents in Texas

gregDecember 27, 2012

It seems that Texas and its environs are becoming increasingly known for deadly oil and gas explosions. As we have discussed in previous articles there have been a number of Read More

Home Safety Tips

gregDecember 18, 2012

A number of organizations have compiled lists of safety advice that homeowners should follow to prevent fires. What follows are some of the most oft repeated ‘helpful hints’. *Register new Read More

Texas Auto Insurance and Accidents

gregDecember 9, 2012

To be liable is to be ‘legally responsible’. With regard to vehicle accidents in Texas the following information is applicable: *People who drive in Texas are required to pay for Read More

Tire Safety Can Prevent a Car Wreck

gregDecember 2, 2012

Your tires are truly the only thing ‘standing’ between you and road safety most of the time. Make a copy of the following tire safety checklist and keep it in Read More

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