July 26th, 2012

Business Lawsuits

gregJuly 26, 2012

Business disputes are a common occurrence here in Texas and in many cases can result in official business litigation. Conflicts may arise from disputes over property ownership; contract breaches (including Read More

Black Box Data–On Board Computers

gregJuly 22, 2012

‘They’ (the federal government) have been ‘threatening’ (promising?) for years to require that new automobiles will be required to ‘black boxes’ (similar to airplanes) that would offer valuable data in Read More

Safety and Teenagers

gregJuly 18, 2012

It’s always something. Parents (including my wife and myself) often greet each new day by holding our breaths against the possibility that a child can make an impulsive decision that Read More

The Other Person Mentality

gregJuly 14, 2012

In my Texas personal injury practice we represent seriously injured people and families who have lost a loved one. Often when we explain the effects of Texas tort reform on Read More

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