March 28th, 2012

Wrongful Death Damage Awards

gregMarch 28, 2012

State law in each specific state dictates wrongful death damages and the questions asked of the jury can very from state to state. Generally, civil damage awards in wrongful death Read More

The Frivolous Defense

gregMarch 25, 2012

Almost everyone has heard about frivolous lawsuits and greedy lawyers, tort reform and the like. Texas has, in fact, adopted fairly radical tort reform over 5 years ago. The effects Read More

Texas Wrongful Death Lawsuits

gregMarch 25, 2012

As a wrongful death attorney whose career has spanned more than two decades, I have  seen first hand the devastation and grief that accompanies the unjust or unexpected loss of Read More

Time For Insurance Reform In Texas?

gregMarch 22, 2012

Insurance is a necessary expense in today’s world – auto, home, life, property – you name it and it can be and often is insured. However, problems arise when one Read More

Top 3 Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

gregMarch 17, 2012

Ample research has been done over the past few decades that have determined the top three causes of semi-truck accidents. Let us consider these in this article.

Goodyear Tire Recall

gregMarch 6, 2012

The National Highway Transportation Administration reported a recall on February 28, 2012 for Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires of specific sizes.  This is the Campaign ID number 12 T003000. The Read More